Parties & celebrations


Have a special celebration coming up and want to do something completely different?

Yachts are perfect for stag and hen weekends, birthdays, anniversaries and get-togethers.

A yacht is all the entertainment you’ll need. The fun begins the moment you leave harbour – hoisting sails, manning the sheets, walking the plank.. well may be not.

On a yacht you’re free to enjoy yourselves with no interruption. Snorkel, swim, chat, listen to music, mess about with friends.

You can eat together, drink together and of course, move together.

No need for pricey accommodation here. Your beds are on board.

Then it’s time to go ashore. Find a pub, comedy club, nightclub..  It’s all close-by.

Yachts are the perfect party venue and with prices starting just over £200/head, you won’t break the bank.

We sail from harbours all along the south coast.

Please get in touch for yacht options, locations and prices.